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Looking for the best alternative for Audioship?

While Audioship is one of the better audio to video tools to use for YouTube, there are several key differences that prompt people to choose Music 2 Tube instead. Here's why Music 2 Tube is one of the better alternatives to Audioship.

Better priced for more 

When comparing Music 2 Tube and Audioship, one key difference to consider is the pricing structure.

Music 2 Tube offers a subscription for unlimited use, no limitations, while Audioship limits the amount of videos you can create per pricing plan and limits you in functionality.

This can be an important factor to consider for those who plan on uploading multiple videos and want full access to all features.

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More customizations

Music 2 Tube and Audioship both offer customization options for personalised videos, but Music 2 Tube has more styling options, such as animated effects and overlays. Audioship only offers background generation.

Furthermore, with Music 2 Tube you will be able to export your videos to different multiple formats all at once. 

Therefore, if you are looking for more customizations Music 2 Tube may be a better choice.

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Features you won't find anywhere else...

  • Export to YouTube and social media all at once
  • Run on your own device, no online queue times
  • Save your own videos
  • Animated effects & overlays
  • Use image via URL
  • Use GIF image as background
  • WAV support

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