Create videos for audio in seconds

Render YouTube, Instagram and TikTok videos in seconds without re-rendering your audio.
Music 2 Tube respects your production quality.

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Available features

Create beat videos in bulk

Beat videos in bulk

Create multiple beat videos at once

No audio re-rendering

No audio re-rendering

Music to Tube respects your beat audio quality

Export videos for YouTube and Instagram

Video formats

MP3 to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok videos

GIF animations

GIF Animations 

Create beat videos with GIF animations

Customize beat videos

Customize beat videos

Customize the image in the video and background

Watermark videos

Watermark videos

Let people know the video is yours

Cloud support


Apply overlays such as a VHS effect, grain and more.

Cloud support


Apply blur on background images

Cloud support

Cloud support

Use files from Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud

Offline usage

Offline usage

Internet is not required to render videos

Planned features

Direct upload

Direct upload

Auto-upload to YouTube after rendering

Schedules uploads

Scheduled uploads

Schedule uploads on a particular date and time

Twitter integration

Twitter integration

Tweet about your upload and include a 30-second clip

Tired of losing time due to creating videos for your music? We have the solution.

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Designed with producers, artists, musicians, and recording studios in mind.

User friendly

Simple, sleek, uncluttered interface. Create videos for your audio fast.


Music 2 Tube is available on Windows & Mac OS!


We ourselves are musicians, producers, and artists.


In this introduction, Remco van Akker covers the functionalities of Music 2 Tube. He explains how Music 2 Tube can help you save you time & money on creating videos for your audio and / or music.

Create for YouTube

Generate videos out of images and audio files. To create a basic video for your music, you only need an image that will be the cover in the video and an audio file. You can watch our showcase video on the left for examples.

Videos with GIF animations

Static images can be a bit boring, so why not up your game? With Music 2 Tube you can create beat videos out of GIF animations for your MP3 easily and fast.
Try it out today!


Build for the music community, by the music community.

Remco van Akker

Remco van Akker

Founder & Software Engineer

Software engineer by trade recognized by Intel, Amazon, Habana and Devpost. Music producer in my free time. I started producing music back in 2018 under the name “FADE RVA” and I discovered a whole new world of internet music producers. I became part of this community and I noticed that a lot of producers are losing a lot of valuable time due to managing and creating awesome beat videos for YouTube or social media. That's why I've started Music 2 Tube, to help you get your time back as a producer, artist or musician.

sjoerd bosma

Sjoerd Bosma

Software Engineer

I am a software developer by trade and I have a passion for music. My personal passion for music comes from my love for guitar. I have been playing guitar for years now and always love to come up with new progressions, guitar licks, or jamming with friends. My love for music is the reason I like working on Music 2 Tube. It helps producers and musicians to spend more time on creating music and less time on creating videos for the music. That's the reason why I work on Music 2 Tube, to help producers and musicians spend more time on their music and less time on editing videos.

Drumboyz! brand ambassador


Brand ambassador

Drumboyz! is a new producer collective created by Birch World & Era. Birch World (Davis) is our brand ambassador, representing Music 2 Tube in the music production industry. Birch World is also known for his previous admin status in the CashMoneyAP discord. If you have any questions regarding to Music 2 Tube, join our Discord and he is ready to help you out.


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